Products available:

  • Annual Leave Sample Policy
  • Anti Bullying & Harassment Sample Policy
  • Attendance Sample Policy
  • Application Form Sample
  • Appraisal Documentation & System Sample
  • Business Travel Sample Policy
  • Disciplinary Action Sample Policy & Procedure
  • Grievance Sample Policy and Procedure.
  • Educational Assistance Sample Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Sample Policy.
  • Expenses Sample Policy
  • Health & Safety Awareness Sample Policy
  • Internet & Email Sample Policy
  • Interview Evaluation form Sample
  • Maternity Leave Sample Policy
  • Notice & Termination Sample Policy
  • Recruitment Sample Policy
  • Redundancy Booklet Sample
  • Special & Compassionate Leave Sample Policy
  • Telecommuting Sample Policy & Procedure
  • Terms & Conditions Sample Policy & General Office Rules
  • Sick Pay Sample Policy. Redundancy Booklet
  • Interview questions guide. Sample
  • Complete employee handbooks tailored to organisation requirements
  • Other HR forms or documentation prepared on request.

Please email request and upon receipt of payment documents will be emailed with in 48 hours. Please indicate the number of employees you have forms that you wish to request.

Please note these products are designed as templates and are samples which may be added or amended HR Ireland can accept no liability for errors or omissions and suggest that prior to issuance they should be approved by your legal counsel in the jurisdiction for which you intend to use it. Primarily these are designed for use in the Republic of Ireland.