Interesting developments in Bullying & Harassment issues in the work place.

We have noticed recently an increasing concern by employers with regard to workplace bullying and harassment issues and  this is is from the perspective that in many cases the person being bullied is often afraid to come forward and unfortunately may suffer as a result of doing so. In our experience where clear policies do not exist and employees have not been properly informed such scenarios occur. In workplaces where  the policy is clear and employees understand the legitimate right of management to exert reasonable pressure to ensure work is done we find, that where problems do occur the outcomes are far more positive. We believe that it is important to get resolution and also to have a document agreeing both the substantive issues and also the expected behaviours and consequences going forward. We carry out surveys and audits to indicate the risk in your organisation  and provide management supervisory and employee information sessions. Let us know your views and if you are interested in such audits and training activities to mitigate risk in your work place