Executive CEO Outplacement & Reorganisation
  • HR Ireland has many years of experience dealing with CEO’s and MD’s we have the skills and knowledge to design a programme that will fit with the needs of such individuals. Normally these are of six months to one year duration and we can offer ‘on boarding’ support to the individual in their new role. We have experience with many senior individuals and facilitated their return to similar or better positions in a variety of sectors including Insurance, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Telecommunications sectors.

  • We are expert in re-organisation and downsizing and have successfully negotiated such programmes in Union and non-union environments and have helped employer manage exiting strategies on an individual,group or divisional basis.

  • We have run complete close down programmes and designed retention and completion bonus schemes and incentives to ensure orderly closedown of the facility. We espouse a philosophy that such processes should be done in an atmosphere of dignity and respect for the employees and have also managed ‘survivor’ motivational training programmes in tandem with downsizing. We advise on terms and severance arrangements.

  • We negotiate and facilitate dignified executive exiting processes acting as a broker and mediator to facilitate as positive an outcome for the individual and the company.

  • We provide documentation and a comprehensive redundancy booklet suitable for the Irish market; this provides information re entitlements and useful information for the employee.
Exit Strategies / Reorganisation
  • HR Ireland is adept at re-organisation and exiting employees in a dignified manner.

  • Redundancy Management and advice.

  • Dealing with poor performers.

  • Group and individual solutions available


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