Mediation and Third Party Hearings and Representation

We have successfully mediated disputes normally of the type referred to the Rights Commissioner Service or the Equality Officer. This approach often appeals to both parties who may not wish to have a dispute in the public domain and is entered into voluntarily by both sides.

We have also represented a variety of organisations at third party hearings including the LRC, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Equality Authority and Rights Commissioner Service etc.

HR Ireland is renowned for getting to win win solutions often in difficult situations. It has to be said that for mediation to work there has to be a willingness to compromise in some way to get a solution and this process is often less traumatic certainly less expensive and more preserving of future relationships than traditional adversarial methods of courts or tribunals.

If you have work or life issues we are happy to help by providing independent non judgmental mediation.

HR Ireland the mediation and dispute resolution experts.


“The successful mediator must reframe the disputants’ viewpoints to be amenable to settlement. He or she does this by restating a comment or an issue in different words and phrases. In doing so, the mediator attempts to subvert the negatives and move the parties toward resolution.”

Peter Blanciak.

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Early intervention facilitates a complete cure, the time to resolve conflict is before polarisation occurs.

Chermish dispute resoution concentric model.