Compensation and Benefits Advice and Methodologies.

HR Ireland has much experience in the area of salary planning and design. The main focus of this is to retain key talent and intellectual capital whilst ensuring best practise and equanimity in all compensation and benefits decision making in the organisation.

This type of structured approach is of greet benefit to companies of any size and can identify key personnel either managers or individual contributors and ensure there is balance in terms of the value added contribution the person makes.

Salary surveys can be conducted for clients either on an organisational basis or on a individual or for a group of employees. We will also summarise and give concise reporting in this regard.

Salary Planning: this is predominately used for new organisations and ones facing major change. This includes mapping the philosophical imperative with regard to pay and benefits. It may wish to foster team work or alternately want to encourage individuality. It will determine which quartile you want to pay and the associated benefits associated with the decision. It will decided if appraisal is linked to pay or not and can be the basis for a bespoke bonus scheme.Other areas that we support are the introduction of Flex benefits, job sharing, hours reduction, share options and pension plans.

Performance Management Systems & Training
System design an delivery based upon organisational needs.

Appraisal linked to pay or not linked to pay systems.

Utilisation of Key Performance Indicators aligned to tangible results

"Successful companies should reward their people for bringing value add to the organisation, Appraisal should be designed to encourage professional and personal development and provide stretch goals for the coming year. Such systems need to be aligned with a culture and ethos of excellence and encourage innovation and commitment. Integration and organisational alignment is key to achieving optimum organisational performance."

Ian McGowan Smyth
MD HR Ireland