• Innovative value add HR business focused Consultancy Company. Believers that HR needs to be closely aligned to the business goals and HR function, processes and procedures should be aligned to the philosophical imperatives of the organisation. Excellent conflict management skills and we provide focused calm and objective solutions to people issues in organisations. We also offer Executive coaching and performance management strategies which deliver excellent results. Executive and CEO outplacement services are tailored to client needs.Interview training and personal development training including psychometric and competency profiling.

  • HR Ireland has worked with various associates over the years and is in a position to offer many experienced former senior managers ranging from a Managing Director with Marketing expertise to a number of very senior HR professionals all of whom have been at Director level with multinational companies. We also have access to a number of senior executive coaches and to a psychotherapist with coaching and out placement experience.

  • We use a matrix approach and can draw on a team that will best serve client needs across a variety of industries and backgrounds aligned closely to the client. Be they in the Services, Manufacturing, FMCG industries or the Financial Sector

  • HR Ireland provides payroll and HR services to a diverse range of organizations and ensures compliance and development of a comprehensive set of HR polices to ensure that your business is run as you wish it to be. We cater for companies in the 1-5 bracket up clients with 200+ employees. Outsourcing Human Resources allows you the time to work on your core business and allows you to work with an objective and commercially orientated HR Team . We will also offer a package to include managing accounts VAT returns etc which sometimes appeals to start up companies.
HR Ireland is a Payroll and Policy provider and offers part time HR on a retained services basis.

Offers clients telephone support and on site presence on an as required basis.

Manages disciplinary issues in conjunction with the client

Provides independent mediation to disputes and conflict resoution strategies.

Represents clients at Rights Commissioner hearings, the Labour Court,LRC,Employment Appeals Tribunal & Equality Tribunal. Very successful track record.

Undertakes independent investigations into Bullying and Harrassement issues and provides mediated soulutions if required.

Provides independent candidate assessments on interview boards and provides competancy based questions relevant to the particular role.

Designs and delivers performance management systems and procedures including appraisals and compensation and benefits advice aligned to commercial and behavioural objectives.

Experts in organisation design and ensuring optimum efficiency and cost containment

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